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GigTech Solutions was founded in 2016, formerly LRL Resources, when a past customer turned to Lila Romano Lopez in utter frustration when he accepted a new position as an IT Manager for a department that had been miss – managed for several years.  When he took this position, there was limited documentation of their current inventory, as well as they were paying for circuits that should have been disconnected several years ago.  This happened due to a large amount of employee turn over, and inventory miss – management. 
Like many organizations Larry simply did not have the time to go through all of his billing to clean it up, disconnect old circuits, replace antiquated techknowlody with newer reliable more cost – effective techknowlody, as well as renegotiate contracts with major carriers. Throughout the years of being in telecommunication, Lila has built excellent working relationships with several of the key Master Agencies in the US.  These Master’s have access to hundreds of carriers throughout the globe.  As your “Personal Telecom Assistant” my goal is to assist you and your organization with your existing inventory, new services, new projects, and add’s move’s or changes. 
As your telecom / technology broker, our goal is to keep you up to speed with the latest and most efficient ways to run your telecom and IT department.  We offer over twenty years, plus of invaluable telecom experience, Our customers have very experienced teams that manage their voice and date networks.  GIG Tech specializes in Telecom Technology, bill analysis, proper processes procedures, and competitive landscapes enable us to act as your partner when selecting service providers and solutions consistent with your corporate goals. GIG Tech can advocate during contract negotiations, and an additional escalation point for complex issues with service providers. We also work with experienced technology teams that don’t have enough resources and time to manage all of the competitive pricing, price evaluation, and trouble tickets.



Initiation Protocol (SIP)  Rate Interface (PRI) | Integrated Access | Analog | Measured | Long Distance | Wireless | Toll Free | Audio Conferencing 


Hosted VoIP | Disaster Recovery as a Service | Desktop as a Service | Infrastructure as a Service | Platform as a Service |Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery |Storage | Virtual Desktop Infrastructure | Office365 | Amazon Web Services | Azure | Portal | Analytics |Space | Power | Redundancy | Connectivity | Professional Services, 


Telecom & Technology Service Management | LAN Management | Wireless Management | Migration | Architecture | Help Desk | Service Desk |Mobile Device 


Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) | Wave | Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) | Integrated Access | Private Line | Fixed Wireless | Cable | Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) | 4G-5G | Session te  DIA, Communications | Cloud 
Connectivity, Cable Broadband, Micro-wave, Satellite,  Wireless, and Wireless fail over, ethernet / fiber. Ddos 

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